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I am a qualified Physician Associate and Course Director for the Masters in Physician Associates Studies programme (MPAS).

My main responsibilities are oversight and academic leadership. This includes quality assurance of content design, teaching and assessment.  It involves working closely with all members of the PA teaching and programme administration teams, students and the wider university to ensure efficient programme organisation, management to facilitate and implement change.

I am a Section Head and have line management responsibilities for several members of the PA team. I undertake PDRs and provide pastoral support and personal development guidance for these members of staff. 

I was one of the first UK trained Physician Associates (PA) qualifying in 2007 and have worked as a PA in acute medicine and primary care. I have been involved in the SGUL PA programme since its inception in 2008 and have been employed on the PA programme since 2009. I was module lead for the clinical placement module and have taught and assessed across all modules of the programme.

I have been instrumental in the establishment and expansion of the Physician Associate profession across the the UK and founded the PA Managed Voluntary Register. I have represented PAs at local and national levels, presenting on, advising and advocating for PAs. I am former President of the Faculty of Physician Associates and led on the successful campaign for regulation of the PA profession in the UK.

Professional and Academic Registration

I am a registered member of the Faculty of Physician Associates at the Royal College of Physicians.

I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and am external examiner for two PA programmes in the UK. I examine at the PA National Examinations.

Committee Membership

Physician Associate Schools Council; Taught Post Graduate Course Committee (TPCC); Student Progress and Monitoring Committee.


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Faculty of Physician Associates Conference 24th Nov 2021

  • Building a Formulary for your Practice: Self-directed Continued Professional Development. Brogan Guest, Kate Bascombe, Chanceeth Chandrakanthan, Jeannie Watkins
  • Remote Learning in the Post-pandemic World: Brogan Guest, Jeannie Watkins, Amy Donaldson-Perrott.

Leaders in Healthcare Conference 17th Nov 2021

  • Tweaks to large lecture e-learning in the time of the pandemic: Mathavi Uthayanan, Jeannie Watkins


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