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A photo of Dr Lucy Goldsmith.

Dr Lucy Goldsmith

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Other role: Research Assistant (Support)

Dr Goldsmith's research focusses on social psychiatry for serious mental health problems and includes peer support, coproduction, acute psychiatric care and trauma informed approaches. She is interested in research methods and evidence based medicine. She is the project manager of the DECISION project, evaluating mental health decision units in acute care pathways.

Dr Goldsmith is a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Mental Health Peer Network, a network working towards destigmatisation, equality and quality of life for people with mental health problems. She also works with the Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network, a multi-disciplinary research network which aims to reduce the prevalence of mental health problems by understanding, preventing and reducing the impact of violence and abuse on mental health.

Dr Goldsmith obtained BSc degrees in both Physics and Psychology before obtaining a PhD in Medicine from the University of Manchester. Her PhD work was interdisciplinary, combining psychology and statistics to use instrumental variables techniques in the area of counterfactual modelling to investigate the causal role of the therapeutic alliance (quality of the relationship between the therapist and service user) in talking therapies in psychiatry. Her PhD established the causal role of the therapeutic alliance in talking therapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and supportive counselling) in early intervention in psychosis, and demonstrated that with a good relationship, the therapy is has beneficial effects on symptoms. However, when the relationship is poor, the therapy can be detrimental and cause symptomatic deterioration. These effects accumulate as more sessions are attended (a dose-response relationship).

Journal articles

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