The Challenging Borders Global Health Conference is a one-day conference for all staff, students and members of the public interested in global health issues.

Set up and run by students themselves, the event will focus on borders and other barriers to global healthcare. Borders can be physical, such as nation lines or geographical impediments, man-made, such as walls and prisons, and also more abstract, such as stigma towards mental health.

The conference will be held at St George's, University of London, on Saturday 25 February. External speakers will include Dr Clare Gerada, Dr David McCoy (Director of the London-based global health charity Medact and Global HealthTeaching Director at Queen Mary University, London) and Dr Ahmed Hankir.

Dr Carwyn Hooper from St George's will be announcing the new Global Health MSc. Dr Guy Schofield and Dr Alderslade will also be appearing.

There will be a poster session at lunch for students to present relevant research they have undertaken. The afternoon will feature interactive workshops run by specialists in global health.

Na’im Merchant, Conference Manager, said: "This is an annual student-led day-long conference that focuses on a particular theme for the year to link the many faceted aspects of Global Health together in an interactive and inspiring manner.

"It is an incredible opportunity for students to engage with subject matter experts and like-minded peers to tackle the more nuanced and complex challenges faced in the field and academically."

Deborah Bowman, Professor of Bioethics, Clinical Ethics and Medical Law at St George’s, said: "The Medsin Society and its phenomenal student leaders have put together an outstanding programme.

"Borders and boundaries, whether physical or not, have an inherently moral dimension. The ways in which we delineate and define anything, be it countries, people, types of disease or our own professional identities, reflect values and our ethical choices, both collective and individual.

"There are increasingly challenging borders that constrain and compromise health, broadly interpreted, across the world. However, the word 'challenging' does, of course, also have another meaning, namely as a derivation of the verb 'to challenge'. It is a call to action. An empowering opportunity for us all to challenge the barriers to health and human flourishing wherever we find them."

Tickets are available to book now.