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Carly Manson, Kirsten Hylan and Michelle Harricharan will be showcasing St George's history through our archives.

Date: 28th Nov 2019


Spotlight on Science: How parasites have shaped human history

Dr Cathy Moore, Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Institute for Infection and Immunity, discusses how parasites have shaped our history.

Date: 26th Nov 2019


The NHS long term plan – does the emperor have any clothes?

As part of the Inspiration, Innovations and Ideas series, Niall Dickson CBE speaks to St George's about the future of the NHS.

Date: 12th Nov 2019

Doctor washing hands reflection

Digital Preservation Day

Join Carly Manson, Kirsten Hylan and Michelle Harricharan for a talk about the importance of digital preservation.


HIV – A Problem Solved?

In our next Spotlight on Science event Professor of Infectious Diseases, Derek Macallan, will be discussing HIV.

17th Oct 2019

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