St George’s appoints new professor to help drive forward research into heart disease prevention

Professor Kausik Ray has been appointed professor of cardiovascular disease prevention St George's, University of London.Within this post, Professor Ray will work with colleagues in the University’s Division of Clinical Sciences to help drive forward research into cardiovascular disease prevention that can be quickly adapted into practice, ultimately improving patient care. He will also teach on medical degrees at St George’s, as well as practice as a consultant cardiologist at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Ray has 20 years of clinical experience and 10 years’ experience of research and teaching in cardiology.

Research shows statins are overall safe but raises questions over their wider use in preventing deaths

The use of statins – a class of drugs taken to combat high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke – in patients without prior history of heart disease are only of modest benefit in preventing deaths when taken in the short-term. These are the findings of the largest study of its type to date.

Statins are one of the most widely used drugs for the treatment and prevention of heart disease, both among people who already have it and among high-risk but healthy people. They are among the most successful drugs of all time and have been credited with preventing millions of heart attacks and strokes.

Lecturer investigates hormonal link to ‘sympathy pregnancies’ in men

New dads – did you cry when your baby was born and have you been feeling irritable and stressed? It may be all down to your hormones.

Research has already established that fathers-to-be may experience pregnancy symptoms ranging from food cravings and nausea to a swollen stomach and ‘labour’ pains.

St George’s infection expert calls for better farm rules in government E.coli investigation

Children’s farms should follow tougher guidelines to protect people, says the St George’s, University of London infection expert leading an investigation into a major E.coli outbreak.

In a government report on last year’s Godstone Farm outbreak released today (15/6/10), Professor George Griffin called for petting farms to improve their safety measures.

St George’s supports campaign to have Jenner's statue restored to Trafalgar Square

St George’s, University of London is backing a campaign to restore the statue of legendary former doctor and scourge of smallpox Edward Jenner to its original spot in Trafalgar Square. The movement has been set up by the Edward Jenner Museum, to mark 2010’s 30th anniversary of the eradication of the smallpox virus. St George's doctor Jenner developed a successful vaccine for the devastating disease that has helped save hundreds of millions of lives.

The museum, which is based at Jenner’s old country house in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, has set up a petition to move the bronze statue. The statue is currently in Kensington Gardens, but the campaign aims to have it moved back to the vacant fourth Trafalgar Square plinth, where it stood originally.