Legal high Benzo Fury may be dangerous due to stimulant and hallucinogenic effects

The ‘legal high’ known as Benzo Fury may have stimulant as well as hallucinogenic effects according to new research presented at the British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience today (Tuesday 9 April 2013).

In a poster presentation at the meeting, Dr Jolanta Opacka-Juffry and Dr Colin Davidson reported that one of the main ingredients of Benzo Fury (also known as 5-APB) acts on brain tissue like both a stimulant and a hallucinogen – a combination of properties that is often found in illegal drugs and which can make them dangerous to users. The researchers believe this information should be disseminated to let potential users know the possible dangers of the drug.

Researchers identify mutation that causes short-sightedness and hearing loss

Researchers have identified a new disorder caused by a genetic mutation that leads to short sightedness and deafness. They say the new link between the two sensory problems could lead to better understanding of the disease mechanism of each.

The researchers – led by St George’s, University of London and the Miller School of Medicine in Miami – discovered that a mutation in the gene SLITRK6 causes a syndrome symptomised by myopia (short sightedness) and deafness.

St George’s University Challenge team in final bid for semis

The St George’s University Challenge team will be back on the show next Monday (1 April) to make their last bid for a place in the semi-final round of the competition in their third of three quarter-final matches.

This follows last week’s defeat in their second quarter-final match against New College, Oxford. After leading from the start, the final buzzer sounded when the St George’s team was trailing 110-160.

More student spaces provide further opportunity for trainee paramedics in the capital

Extra student places for trainee paramedics have been made available on a London degree programme, and applications are now being invited.

The London Ambulance Service has awarded an extra 39 places to the Foundation Degree in Paramedic Science at Kingston University and St George’s, University of London. This brings the total to 60, with 30 each for the September 2013 and March 2014 intakes.

St George's University Challenge team in second quarter-final match tonight

The St George’s, University of London University Challenge team will be back in quarter-final action against New College, Oxford tonight (Monday 18 March).

The match – the second of SGUL’s quarter-final ties – will be aired on BBC2 at 8pm. It follows the team’s 195-105 win against Pembroke College, Cambridge in its first quarter-final match.