Researchers discover new genes associated with heart function

A new study from an international research team, led by Dr Yalda Jamshidi at St George’s, University of London, has identified new genes associated with heart function and development. 

An electrocardiogram (ECG), which records a heart's rhythm and electrical activity, can be used to identify life-threatening heart problems which often have a strong genetic basis. The team compared ECGs and the genetic makeup of almost 200,000 individuals to gain insight into the genetics that underlie heart rhythm. This was done using large-scale genetic association studies focusing on protein-coding parts of the genome. They chose to focus on rare variants that are often missed in large scale population studies, for follow-up.

Professor Jenny Higham awarded Honorary Degree of Doctor of Medicine

Principal Jenny Higham received an honorary degree from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in a ceremony that took place Friday 13 July.

13 July 2018

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Student attends NHS 70th anniversary celebrations at Westminster Abbey

Third-year Biomedical Science student Melissa Matthews was invited to Westminster Abbey on 5 July to attend the thanksgiving service celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

10 July 2018

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Babies who are introduced to solids earlier sleep better at night, study shows

Research carried out by St George’s, University of London and King’s College London has demonstrated that the early introduction of solids into an infant’s diet leads to longer sleep duration, less frequent waking at night, and a reduction in reported serious sleep problems.

10 July 2018

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Celebrating 70 years of the NHS: St George’s Principal shares her story of working for the NHS during the 7/7 London bombings

When London was attacked by terrorist bombs in July 2005, NHS staff in London hospitals were drafted into A&E department to treat the casualties. St George’s Principal Professor Jenny Higham was among these.

5 July 2018

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