Blood thinners may raise stroke risk in over-65s with kidney disease

Older people may be increasing their stroke risk by taking anticoagulants for an irregular heartbeat if they also have chronic kidney disease, says new research.

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Meet the researcher: Dr Ayesha Ahmad on the trauma of war

In Meet the Researcher - a series of interviews about inspirational and thought provoking academic research at St George’s, University of London - researchers explain their work and its impact on society.

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Medics’ love potion leads to 50-year marriage

Alumni couple Judy and Stephen Kane met in 1965 at St George’s and celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year with a “mega party”. To mark Valentine’s Day, here they reminisce about how they met, their medical careers, and how they manage family life.

Judy and Stephen Kane

My path to medicine: breaking down medicine’s reputation as an elitist profession

Doctors have been using Twitter to highlight that people from all types of backgrounds can go on to have successful careers in medicine, helping to breakdown its reputation as an elitist profession that is only open to those from affluent and private school backgrounds.

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Smokers wishing to cut down sought for new medical study

Researchers are looking for volunteer smokers who wish to cut down their smoking for a new study which is designed to establish best ways to help reduce smoking.

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