International Women's Day: women medics and the First World War

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Carly Manson, Archivist, Archives & Special Collections, looks back at some of the pioneering women of the past who broke down gender barriers, fighting for an education to become medics during the First World War.

IMAGE- Photograph of the St George’s Hospital residential house staff, with two of the Medical School’s first female students, 1917. Helen Ingleby on the far left, Hetty Ethelberta Claremont far right.

St George’s Hospital residential house staff

Book series helps those with learning and communications difficulties

To mark World Book Day, Baroness Professor Sheila Hollins explains how helping her son understand his world through pictures led to a 57-strong book series designed to help people with learning and communication difficulties.

1 March 2018

Baroness Sheila Hollins

Experts aim to turn tobacco plant from a killer into healthcare products factory

For centuries tobacco has been used for smoking with serious consequences to human health.

26 February 2018

Julian Ma tobacco rs web

Study finds only half of infants with deadly meningitis show traditional signs of the disease

Doctors are sometimes missing cases of babies with the deadly bacterial meningitis as they may assume infants without a fever - a classic sign of the disease - do not have the illness.


Viruses attacking nerve cells meningitis rs web

Universities team up to teach a new frontier in medical science

Genomics has been touted as the future of medical treatment and it will allow health specialists to create individual treatment plans for patients based on their unique needs.

19 February 2018

DNA genomics genes rs