On 19 July, the Class of 2018 came together for one final time at the St George’s Graduation Ceremony to receive their degrees, celebrate their success and wave goodbye to the end of an era. Among them was a PhD student completing his second St George’s degree, a biomedical scientist who will be returning to St George’s for postgraduate study and a 43 year old who was inspired to retrain as a doctor following a bout of illness.

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calendar-icon 3 October 2018

Henry Askew completed a PhD in Vascular Biology. At 26 he has now completed two degrees at St George’s, having previously studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate, and recently returned to begin a third studying graduate entry medicine.

On the day, Henry commented, “During my PhD I travelled to Copenhagen for work and worked on a research project in America. It's amazing what experiences an interest in science can give you. I love research and have really enjoyed what I have learnt so far but I felt the best place I could use my skills would be with humans.”

Another 2018 graduate who will be returning to St George’s is 22 year old Joan Embola. Having completed a Biomedical Science BSc (Hons), Joan will be studying for a postgraduate degree in Physician Associate Studies over the coming academic year.

She says, “There are so many extra opportunities that come from studying at a small university. I've had the chance to teach other students as part of my course so we are given a lot of responsibility and chances to learn new skills. I have also taught clinical skills in Widening Participation projects to children from underrepresented backgrounds to try and encourage them to think about careers in science.”

David Trennery, 43, contracted measles in his early thirties which motivated him to learn more about the human body and ultimately retrain as a doctor. He explains, “I was working as an IT consultant at the time and I kept thinking, yes my life is a comfortable 9 to 5 but I don't want to wake up one day and realise I'd never pushed myself. I was very well supported by my tutors and lecturers who gave up their time to give me the extra help I needed and get me ready for finals. I felt like I belonged at St George's and I feel a real warmth when I am there.”

Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Jane Page, added, “It’s great to welcome the 2018 graduating cohort into the St George’s alumni family. They are now part of an exclusive network of scientific and healthcare professionals across the world whom we look forward to keeping in touch with in the future. There will always be a warm welcome waiting at St George’s.”

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