The St George’s, University of London Graduation 2017 saw 521 graduates join the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals as they received their degree at our annual ceremony. The presentation took place at London’s Barbican Centre on 20 July.

Graduation 2017

calendar-icon 18 August 2017

Here’s what some of our graduates had to say about their time at St George’s, their future ambitions, and how they are feeling on their graduation day.

Ali Moonan – Medicine MBBS (4 year)

Ali1Ten years after first applying to be a doctor, Ali has just graduated from our graduate-entry medicine course. 

“I was inspired to become a doctor by my brother, who is also a doctor and a very similar character to me. I enjoy working with people, have enjoyed science from a young age and wanted a career with stability.”

Ali didn’t get a place to study medicine when he first completed his A Levels, so chose to undertake a Biomedical Sciences degree with the ultimate aim of getting into medicine. He didn’t get in the first year he applied after graduating from his BMS course, but continued to pursue his dream and his perseverance has now paid off. He said:

“If you really want something it is worth striving to achieve. It was definitely all worth it on the day I found out I had become a doctor.”


Mary Aremu Falade, 21, Biomedical Science

Mary Aremu Falade Now she has completed her Biomedical Sciences degree, Mary will be going on to study Medicine. 

“I’ve always been interested in science and the application of science, so knew biomedical sciences was right for me.

“I’m really excited and so proud of myself and of my friends. All the hard work we put in has paid off. I’m going on to study medicine. I plan to use my degree and everything that I know to become better and kickstart my career.

“I’m grateful for the friends I have made at St George’s. I’ve really enjoyed socialising, like being part of a dance show.”



Shane McIvor, 24, Medicine MBBS (5 year)

Shane McIvorAfter achieving all A grades at A-Level, Shane joined our Medicine degree straight from school and is now looking forward to starting his career as a doctor in Manchester.

“My grandfather inspired my career choice. I couldn’t see myself doing a job that didn’t involve caring for people.

“I am keeping my options open long term; considering options like working abroad, surgery or anaesthetics. Right now, I am feeling pretty good about graduating. It’s an overwhelming and exciting day.”




Ruth Joyce, 28, PHD Cardiac Surgery

Ruth1Ruth’s undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences helped to gain her a position as a research assistant at St George’s, where she become inspired to undertake a PhD.

She explained that her graduation ceremony was a standout university moment for her and that she was feeling “great, accomplished and relieved.”

Ruth is now looking forward to working for the Department of Health in human tissue regulation.





Sophie Scandrett, 28, Medicine (5 year)

Sophie ScandrettSophie had a varied career before undertaking her medical degree, which included working for a festival and private tuition.

“I was attracted to the human aspect of medicine and the fact that I can spend my whole working life learning; a career as a doctor will allow me to combine academic with care.”

She has just completed her final year studies while pregnant and is taking a year out to focus on her family before starting her Foundation Year as a Doctor at South Thames Trust.

“Combining final year studies with pregnancy was tough, especially in the first trimester.

“Today I am feeling really happy and proud, and so happy my family could be here with me. I’m excited about my future career. It is such a privilege to be a doctor.”

Sophie was joined by her 7-year-old brother Joe, who was “feeling very good” and one day hopes to one day follow in his sister’s footsteps and become a doctor.