St George's students raised a huge amount for £42,695.22 for Charity Week this year - more per head than any other university participating. 

calendar-icon 8 December 2016

The highlights included Lecturer vs Lecturer sumo wrestling. The lecturers involved were Senior lecturer, Dr Axel Nohturfft and Dr Paris Ataliotis, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Genetics. Corey Briffa, SU President, also participated.

Other events included an Intersociety Quiz, a Charity Week Dinner and a treasure hunt. In total, the amount raised by a number of universities was £1,050,000.

The money raised is going to Islamic Relief, who are an international non-profit organisation who have been operating for over 30  years, and the funding went to health and education projects in Syria, Bangladesh and Gaza as well as in refugee camps in Europe and Jordan.