Final-year biomedical science student Sarah Lasoye has been elected Women’s Officer for the National Union of Students. Sarah will hold the post for the academic year 2018/19, having served as Deputy Women’s Officer this year.

Sarah Lasoye

calendar-icon 6 June 2018

During her year in office she hopes to, among other things, fight the barriers women face when trying to progress into higher education.

She says, "Many women are prevented from accessing and completing education whether from fees, maternity leave, or inadequate support services. Consequently we see parents, carers, working class and disabled women greatly underrepresented in education."

Rachel Watters, National Union of Students Northern Ireland Women’s Officer elect, says of working with Sarah, "I came across Sarah's work in setting up the first anti-sexual harassment campaign at her university. Sarah is a diligent and passionate student activist and I look forward to seeing all that she can achieve as NUS Women's Officer."

Sarah created IFemSoc during her first year at St George’s. The society promotes conversation on issues based on gender, race, sexuality, faith, disability, class and more.

As part of this, she kick-started the Draw the Line campaign, which aimed to ensure there is no sexual harassment on campus at St George’s. The campaign has increased consent training and led to an ongoing review of the sexual harassment policy at the university. Sarah describes St George’s as "100% supportive" of the initiative.

Draw the Line is financed by the Catalyst Fund, a joint venture with Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), who match the contributions made by St George’s to support the campaign. Sarah says, "For me, the real strength of the funding is that it recognises the need for a long and meaningful partnership between institutions and their respective Students’ Union."

Having seen the positive influence of the Draw the Line campaign, Sarah was inspired to make the step to working within the National Union of Students.

Following her year as Women’s Officer Sarah hopes to return to St George’s to study the postgraduate Global Health MSc. The course equips students with the skills to critically analyse current global health issues.