A St George’s medical student, Neha Kallam, has won first place in the 2017 National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition.

calendar-icon 13 April 2017

Neha achieved the highest mark in the preclinical category, seeing off tough competition from 125 of the brightest UK medical students.

In this highly-competitive event, which is held each year at Southampton University, students complete a rigorous two-part examination: the first is an anatomy ‘spotter’ with 84 questions based on expertly-dissected brain specimens; the second is a challenging 60-item written paper that requires detailed knowledge of brain anatomy and clinical neurology. Everything is carried out under strict exam conditions.

Neha has completed her second year of medicine and is currently doing an intercalated neuroscience BSc.

She said: “I really enjoyed the spotter exam, but the clinical exam was slightly more difficult as I am a preclinical student. Although I did put in a lot of time preparing for the competition, I didn’t feel especially confident, so was very surprised when they called my name out!”

Paul Johns, Senior Lecturer in Neuroanatomy, said: “The difficulty level is very high. Neha did extremely well to win and help us maintain our strong record in this competition.”
Last year St George’s won two out of the four prizes awarded, and in the past five years has outperformed all other medical schools taking part.

Well done to Neha, and also to the other five St George's students who entered this year, including Jordan Coleman, who received a commendation for placing in the top 10%.