Peter Mortimer, professor of dermatological medicine at St George’s, has been appointed to the Lymphatic Research Foundation’s Scientific/Medical Advisory Council. Prof Mortimer will sit on the council for the next two years. He will be joined other experts in the field from academic and medical institutions in Europe and the US.

The Lymphatic Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to advance research of the lymphatic system and to find the cause and cure for lymphatic diseases, lymphoedema, and related disorders. It was founded in New York in 1998, and is the world’s foremost body for lymphatic science research.

Prof Mortimer – whose main research interests are breast cancer-related lymphoedema, the genetic basis of lymphoedema, and the role of lymphatics in metastatic melanoma – and his fellow council members will provide guidance and support for the foundation’s research mission.

Lymphatic disease affects millions of people across the world. The most common lymphatic disorder is lymphoedema, an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissue, causing swelling in the body, usually in the limbs. Cancer and HIV can also invade the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system transports a fluid called lymph round the body, and is responsible for balancing fluid and protein in the body, aiding immunity and preventing the spread of infection, and aiding digestion.

More information about the Lymphatic Research Foundation can be found on its website.