St George’s, University of London has climbed 26 places in a league table of organisations demonstrating a commitment to lesbian, gay and bisexual staff (LGB) equality in the workplace.


Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index is Britain's leading tool to measure employers progress in tackling discrimination and creating inclusive workplaces for lesbian, gay and bisexual employees.

In 2013 the St George’s ranking rose by 92 places to 239 in the league table and in 2014 this upward trend continued and the university increased its position by another 26 places. St George's is now ranked 213th in the table.

Submissions to the Index are assessed against 25 questions across eight areas of good practice:

•    Employee policy
•    Employee engagement
•    Staff training and development
•    Monitoring
•    Supplier policy
•    LGB community engagement
•    The ‘pink plateau’
•    Additional evidence and staff feedback.

Employers submit written responses to the criteria set by Stonewall, accompanied by supporting evidence. Stonewall then assesses and awards them marks out of a maximum of 200 points. St George’s scored 108 points.

Kea Horvers, equality and diversity manager at St George’s, said: “St George’s is proud to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion and was one of the first three universities to enter Stonewall’s Work Equality Index back in 2009 and the university’s Stonewall consultant’s biggest climber in the UK in 2013.

“We are delighted to have improved our ranking and hope to continue climbing in the coming years to show St George’s commitment to being a diverse and welcoming place to work.”

Simon Feeke, head of workplace at Stonewall, said: “Congratulations to St George’s, University of London for their performance in the 2014 Workplace Equality Index. In a tough economic environment, where employers need all of their staff to perform to their full potential, the Index remains a powerful tool for giving employers a strong competitive edge and attracting the best staff – regardless of their sexual orientation.”

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