On 2 July 2013 St George's, University of London welcomed the public to 'Spotlight on Science: The Linguistics of Power', highlighting neurological overconfidence in leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Neville Chamberlain.


Dr Peter Garrard, a neurology specialist at St George’s, explained his latest research findings into linguistics, personality and mental illness and gave attendees an insight into the workings of the brain. Nick Bouras, a professor of psychiatry at King’s College London, outlined measures to discourage excessive self-confidence (‘hubris’) in political, business and public sector leaders.

Audience members were encouraged to tweet along to our #SGULLive account and spoke to our researchers on this exciting area. Guests also had an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the area through interactive stands, a quiz and a chance to test their own levels of confidence: the most modest amongst the crowd walked away with St George's mugs!

The event was the second in the University’s 'Spotlight on science' series, a programme that demonstrates to the public how St George’s scientists are tackling major scientific issues.