St George’s, University of London has been named as the fourth safest university in London, according to a new league table of student crime figures.

The Complete University Guide said St George’s had the fourth lowest incidence of student-relevant crime within three miles of its campus.


Compiled from official police data, the ranking gives the clearest picture possible of the crime rates for 120 universities in England and Wales. Universities in Greater London are located in areas with the highest crime rates and are listed separately. King’s College London fares worst and Kingston University best.

Sara Doherty, director of student services, said: “We are very pleased that St George's is a safe environment for our students. London sometimes has a dangerous reputation but we find that Tooting is very safe, as in any big city, you take care and are aware. We make sure that we talk to students before joining St George's and when they arrive about living in London and staying safe so that they have sensible and effective strategies in place for going out and about and getting home safely. 

"All our first-year students are guaranteed a place in university accommodation, which is a short 10-minute walk from the university as well as served by a local bus route. Horton Halls has 24/seven security and resident advisers living with students to take care of pastoral needs and concerns. Insurance is provided as part of the rent and keeping possessions safe is part of halls induction."

She added: “We have an excellent relationship with local police who come and provide safety advice to students and carry out, for example, free bike security marking. We also have regular meetings and conversations with the residents from the housing estate next to halls to ensure that we maintain good neighbourly relationships.

“We revise the student induction each year and work with the Students' Union to ensure that messages and support are relevant to each group of new students.”

Full details of The Complete University Guide’s rankings can be found here.