Annual Chlamydia screening may not protect women from pelvic inflammatory disease

It is unlikely that single screening for chlamydia will prevent women developing pelvic inflammatory disease in the following year, according to research published today.

The St George’s, University of London study of 2,500 participants found that annual screening is not enough to prevent cases of pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility.

St George’s researchers hope written word will provide Alzheimer’s revelations

Neurologists at St George’s, University of London are conducting a study to investigate how Alzheimer’s Disease affects the written language of those with the condition. The St George’s team, working with colleagues at the universities of Oxford and Southampton, is appealing for people with and without Alzheimer’s disease to come forward with examples of their writing. The scientists hope to identify changes in language use that occur with the condition.

St George’s neurologist Dr Peter Garrard, formerly of the University of Southampton, said: “We will look at the examples of people’s writing and see if it is possible to pick up gradual changes in vocabulary or word usage that may be markers of being on the path to dementia when compared to those who don’t have the condition.”

St George's professor leads call for car smoking ban

St George’s pregnancy expert Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran has joined a group of the country’s top doctors to call for a ban on smoking in cars. Sir Arul and 19 leading national medics have urged the government to protect children from passive smoking by extending prohibitive legislation. They want to ban smoking in cars, as well as in public places frequented by children.

Sir Arul, who is president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and his colleagues made their plea in a letter published in The Times. Amongst Sir Arul’s fellow signatories are another 12 presidents of medical royal colleges.

St George's expert leads drive to improve children's nutrition

St George’s child nutrition expert Dr Anthony Williams is heading a new government scheme to improve the nutrition of toddlers in England. Dr Williams has been announced as the chair of an advisory panel that will review food standards in nurseries.

The panel will investigate the current provision of food and drink to children in childcare, and make recommendations to ensure they are getting nutritious, balanced diets. The announcement of the new review coincides with findings published by the School Food Trust raising concerns about the quality of food served by nurseries. The trust has warned that much of the food is high in fat, sugar and salt, and lacking in nutrients. It also said pre-school children could be eating adult portions and additives usually banned from food aimed at their age group.

Genetically engineered tobacco plant cleans up environmental toxin

Researchers find that a new strain of tobacco plant can make antibodies to toxic pond scum that affects humans, livestock and wildlife.

Tobacco might become as well known for keeping us healthy as it is for causing illness thanks to scientists from St George’s, University of London.