Cardiac effects of running your first marathon examined in new study

Novice marathon runners will be examined for possible beneficial or harmful cardiac changes by researchers in a new study that hopes to understand the effects of intensive exercise on those not used to it.

1 March 2016


St George’s team wins Prospects Postgraduate Award

A team from St George’s, University of London has won a Prospects Postgraduate Award, which recognises and rewards excellence and innovation in postgraduate education.

More than 150 students, universities and businesses from across the UK entered the awards across eight categories. The Postgraduate Diploma Physician Associate Studies Teaching Team at St George's competed against teams from the University of Glasgow, University of Bradford and Cranfield University to win the title of Best Teaching Team (Science, Technology and Engineering).

Why Irish nurses are ‘kinder’ than some from Eastern Europe when caring for the mentally ill

A leading mental health expert says the nationalities and culture of nurses profoundly affects their attitudes to disturbed patients.

Whereas some nurses in mental health hospitals such as the Irish, consider themselves caring and considerate, those from Lithuania can be seen as more authoritarian when considering their own views while treating those with serious mental health issues.

Experts back world leaders' efforts to tackle ‘21st century plague’ of dementia

Leading academics studying the effects and treatment of those suffering from dementia have welcomed a global initiative to pool efforts to confront the disease.

Dementia is technically a ‘syndrome’ and refers to the impairment of cognitive brain functions, of memory, language, perception and thought, caused by a variety of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

PM hails new deal to fight resistance to antibiotics

Prime Minister David Cameron has applauded a new deal between a spin out firm from St George’s, University of London and an Indian pharmaceutical firm to develop ways to combat resistance to antibiotics.

Helperby Therapeutics, a spin-out company of the UK’s St George’s, University of London has teamed up with Indian firm Cadila to develop ways to tackle the problem of widespread resistance to antibiotics which the World Health Organisation’s director Margaret Chan fears could mean an end to modern medicine as we know it.