A new exhibition of pictures at St George’s Hospital in Tooting aims to highlight the estimated 15m babies that are born prematurely each year.

World Prematurity Day 4 rs

calendar-icon 17 November 2017

Parents with their children feature in the photos that will be displayed on Friday 17 November in Grosvenor Wing foyer from 8am to 6pm.

Staff from the St George’s Hospital’s Neonatal Unit, St George’s University of London and Kingston University have created the exhibition.

Among the babies in the exhibition are Albie and Reuben, twins born 13 weeks early.

Courtney Bryant, Albie and Reuben’s mum said: “St. George’s Hospital Neonatal Unit has been amazing. They have finished what I couldn’t and made sure my babies grew into the little super heroes they are now.”

The exhibition to mark World Prematurity Day was created to reflect what it means to be a mother or father of a baby in the neonatal unit.

It was organised along with First Touch, the St George’s Hospital Neonatal Baby Charity.