For over a century International Women’s Day has commemorated the achievements of women across the globe. Falling on 8 March annually, the theme of International Women’s Day 2018 is to Press For Progress and push for social and economic parity between the genders. To celebrate the day, Queen’s Young Leader Award winner and current St George’s third year Medicine student Leanne Armitage tells us her story.

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calendar-icon 8 March 2018

Leanne has created and established Leanne’s Amazing Medics (LAM), a scheme aims to provide guidance to potential Medicine applicants who might not otherwise receive it.

“LAM is a six session medical outreach programme. The sessions are designed to inspire, equip and increase the self-confidence of students who want to study medicine and who come from under-represented backgrounds.”

“LAM focuses on providing students with an identifiable role model, alongside giving them the support and skills to help them succeed in their pursuit of applying to medical school.”

Leanne’s personal experience of getting into medicine from a typically non-medical background was the inspiration for establishing the programme.

“I studied at a secondary school where only one student was given a medical offer during my five years there. In addition to this, I grew up in a single parent home on a council estate in Peckham and come from a family of no medics. As such, I didn’t have the guidance and mentorship that other students from medical families might have.”

“On applying to medicine, I was initially rejected but, following a gap year, I received three medical offers and chose to study at St George’s. During my gap year I was also able to apply for the Southwark Scholarship. Receiving this took away the financial burden of studying medicine which meant that I could focus on developing initiatives like ‘Leanne’s Amazing Medics’.”

Her work has since received royal recognition.

“I was awarded one of two 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders awards in December 2017. This was because of the community work I do through Leanne’s Amazing Medics (LAM). I will officially receive my award in June from Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace.”

Leanne is about to enter the latter half of her medical degree and is successfully juggling her academic and extra-curricular activities.

“It is not an easy job juggling my studies with these commitments. However, the passion which underpins them helps me to manage. I don’t like to commit myself to anything I am not passionate about or do not strongly believe in. Maintaining this attitude gives me the energy to juggle my various commitments because it means I only work on the things that energise me and give me joy!”

If you would like to be a part of Leanne’s Amazing Medics you can contact her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Widening participation at St George's 

St George’s is committed to fighting underrepresentation in healthcare. Our Widening Participation Team work with over 5,000 students, from more than 200 schools and colleges each year and offer events and activities for Year 5-13 students that are fun, practical and informative, and give students a real insight into the healthcare professions.