Professor Dorothy Bennett, Director of our Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute, has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Prof. Dot Bennett

calendar-icon 9 May 2017


The Academy of Medical Sciences, established in the UK in 1998, aims to improve health through research and promotes the benefits to society of medical science and encourages public understanding and dialogue about the medical sciences. Fellowship indicates that the Academy judges individuals to have made outstanding contributions to the progress of medical science and the development of better healthcare.

Professor Jenny Higham, Principal, said: “Dot deserves our warmest congratulations for receiving this honour. It is well-earned recognition of her work to advance understanding of genetics and cell biology, and testament to the leading role St George’s plays in medical sciences.”

Professor Bennett, who joined St George’s in 1983, leads research focused on the genetics of melanoma and disorders of pigmentation. She has a particular interest in senescent cells. Normal cells become senescent (unable to divide) after dividing many times, but when cells mutate and escape from this senescence, cancers can grow. Through investigating the genetics of cell senescence, Professor Bennett’s research has helped us understand natural tumour suppression, contributed to possible cancer therapies, and informed current research to develop new treatments for symptoms and diseases of ageing.

Prof Bennett said: “I’m delighted to hear this, especially on behalf of the many amazing group members, collaborators and colleagues who made our research possible over the decades. “A huge thank you to St George’s, where much of my research has been carried out.”This year 46 new Fellows were announced and the new Fellows will be formally admitted to the Academy at a ceremony on 28 June 2017.