Wednesday 5 December 2018, 5.30pm: St George’s Professors Nidhi Sofat and Elijah Behr will deliver their inaugural lectures at a joint event in December.


In her inaugural lecture, Professor Nidhi Sofat will discuss why our immune systems can attack ourselves leading to long-term diseases such as arthritis. Professor Elijah Behr will explore how he became interested in preventing sudden death, most commonly caused by heart disease, and explain why his focus remains on the patient and their family.

Event details

Speakers and titles: Professor Nidhi Sofat, The Force Awakens - How inflammation and pain take their toll in arthritis and Professor Elijah Behr, Why the sudden interest?
When: Wednesday 5 December 2018, 5.30pm
Location: Michael Heron Lecture Theatre, first floor, Hunter Wing
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About the speakers

Nidhi Sofat
The first woman in her family to become a doctor, Professor Nidhi Sofat specialises in understanding the pain and inflammation in arthritis. She joined St George’s in 2009, having trained in Rheumatology at Imperial College Hospitals NHS Trust, and the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology. She first became interested in immune responses while at medical school at University College London, where she graduated with an Intercalated First Class Honours in Immunology.

Ensuring that all doctors have good mentoring and role models is a subject close to her heart. Professor Sofat enjoys mentoring doctors pursuing academic medical careers through the George’s Academic Training (GAT) programme.

Elijah Behr
Originally from South Africa, Professor Behr first joined St George’s in 1999 when he became a research fellow. He studied the epidemiology, pathology, genetics and phenotype of unexpected and unexplained sudden death victims (SADS) and their families, an area in which he is now considered an international expert. He also studied the electrophysiological effects of drugs.

Once appointed as Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at St George’s, he established a research group and authored papers in journals such as the Lancet, British Medical Journal, and Journal of Clinical Investigation. He regularly lectures at national and international meetings.

President of the Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions (AICC), Professor Behr co-leads the arrhythmia syndrome subdomain of the UK 100,000 Genomes Cardiovascular Genome England Clinical Interpretation Partnership. He is an editorial board member of the Heart Rhythm journal and co-wrote international guidelines for diagnosis & management of arrhythmia syndromes. He is a Health Care Partner lead for the European Rare Disease Reference Network GUARD-HEART and cochairs the South London ICC (SLICC) network.