Student researchers from across Europe will come to St George’s, University of London this month to present their work at its annual International Student Research Conference.

The conference on Saturday 25 May is organised by the St George’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research and Academic Society (SUPRA), and aims to give students a taste of a professional research conference. This is SUPRA’s third conference and the second time it has invited international students to attend.

Around 100 delegates – including students from Germany, Hungary and Cyprus, as well as SGUL and other UK universities – will get the chance to present their research to fellow students, and take part in workshops designed to give them crucial research skills and knowledge.

Around 100 research posters have been selected to be presented, and eight students have been chosen to deliver oral presentations of their work.

Research projects to be presented by St George’s students include: 

  • ‘Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: Number of rescuers and the quality of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation'
  • ‘Approaches to sciatic nerve blockade: A cadaveric study’
  • ‘An audit on the justification of invasive treatment in elderly patients’
  • ‘Do prenatal and perinatal complications influence tic severity in patients with Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome?’

Workshops include sessions on designing a research study, submitting an article for publication, applying for a PhD, applying for an academic foundation programme, and evaluating data.

SUPRA committee member Anthony Stead said: “The aim is to promote research among students and give them an insight into what they can expect at academic conferences. The conference is exactly the same model as a professional conference.

“Hopefully it will whet their appetites and give them more incentive to continue pursuing research.”

The event has been set up with the assistance of SUPRA’s patrons, SGUL’s Professor Emma Baker and Professor Adrian Clark. Other SGUL staff members including professors, lecturers, academic doctors and PhD students will lead the workshops, and keynote speeches will be made by Dr Carwyn Hooper on research ethics and Professor David Strachan on his own research and its impact.

The event is being supported by a £10,000 INSPIRE grant from The Wellcome Trust, which will also be used to run the 2014 conference.

For more information, contact SUPRA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..