Anaesthetist Kathryn Lloyd-Thomas graduated from St George's in 2000 after studying Medicine. Here she talks to us about her jobs, some of the things she loves, some which she loves to hate and her memories of St George's.


What is your job title?
ST6 Anaesthetics (70 per cent less than full time)

What do you actually do?
It varies from giving people General Anaesthetics in a range of surgical specialities, providing women in labour with epidurals, running to A&E Resus to intubate patients, transfer ventilated patients to CT scan, transferring patients from hospital to hospital for specialist care, working in Intensive Care or reviewing patients in a pain clinic!

Where are you if you are not in your office/surgery/hospital?
Usually running around like a headless chicken looking after my three children (currently Hari, four years Sophie and James both two years old), walking our two dogs, or if I have any spare time doing Zumba (keeps me sane!) or gardening.

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
Apart from my mum, it has to be my Zumba instructor. She had breast cancer when she was 28 years old, which after treatment reoccurred at 31 when she underwent a double mastectomy. She works tirelessly for Cancer Care Wales and is just a lovely, lovely person.

What’s your favourite book/song/film?
Book – has been such a long time since I read anything except a textbook or a children’s story!!! Out of these two it has to be “The Gruffalo”.
Song – Michael Jackson:”Rock with you” (Remix) but also love any old school R’n’B.
Film - a very tricky one...I'll substitute this for favourite TV series instead which has to be “The Good Wife” – I want to be Alicia Florrick!

What or who would you consign to room 101?
Everybody who parks in a “mother and baby” / “family” parking space because they are too lazy to walk! Grrrrrr......

What would your super power be?
I would be able to see what everyone did for a living.

Who would play you in the film of your life story?
Catherine Zeta Jones (a gorgeous brunette from Swansea of course).

What is your favourite word?
“Cwtch” – its welsh for cuddle.

How would you like to be remembered?
Fun, thoughtful and loving.

What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?
I think I’m still learning to be honest. Probably to think/pause a bit more before I act / speak... but I’m quite impulsive so it doesn’t always happen.

What is your favourite memory of St George's?
Meeting my husband, Indrajit Bobby Paul (MBBS 2002) and of course passing Finals.

Are you still in touch with people you studied with?
Yes – I have my best friends ever from Med School - although we’re all living far apart. I had three of them as my bridesmaids - Jenni Lindford, Lucy Rochester and Vanessa Gunputh (MBBS 2000) and whenever we meet up it only feels like yesterday since we last saw each other. I feel like we grew up together at St George’s and I have such fond memories of our times together

How would you sum up your time at St George's in three words?
Fabulous, fun, life-changing.

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