The Faculty of Health and Social Care Sciences has been given top marks by NHS London for three of its courses, and all others have made significant improvements. The Faculty – run jointly by Kingston University and St George’s, University of London – was named the best of the capital’s education providers in therapeutic radiography, children’s nursing, and learning disability nursing courses, and second best in physiotherapy.

The Faculty was the most overall improved higher education provider rated by NHS London’s Contract Performance Management system. These ratings measure how well NHS-commissioned nursing, midwifery and allied health profession course providers are meeting their obligations.

The biggest improvement was in mental health nursing, with a rating of 80.3 per cent, a rise from 60.2 per cent in the previous year. All other Faculty courses – including adult nursing, mental health, nursing and midwifery – also showed significant improvements.

Faculty dean Professor Fiona Ross said: “Enhancing the quality of the student experience cannot be solved with one magic bullet. We start from the principle of valuing the individual, by recognising that our students come from diverse backgrounds. They have a range of different expectations and needs, and may experience various life events – such as health, financial or personal events – during their programmes of study.

“We address this diversity by providing personalised support such as strengthening our personal tutor systems, reviewing and providing essential feedback on academic and practice performance, and offering academic skills support, for example, maths drop in-sessions and study skills. We also encourage students to support each other and thereby grow in confidence themselves.”

NHS London commissions more than £1billion worth of education and training courses from higher education institutions each year to develop its healthcare workforce. It was the first strategic health authority in England to develop a comprehensive system for assuring contract performance of the education it commissions, and this is the third year that ratings have been published. Ratings indicate whether courses are fit for purpose and provide value for money, and provide assurance that students graduating from these courses have the right skills to deliver the best possible healthcare in London.

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