Dhruv Gupta, 19, has just completed his first year of Medicine. He received his offer through Clearing in 2016.


calendar-icon 18 August 2017

Before receiving his results, Dhruv was planning on taking a gap year and gain more work experience.

"I got four A*s but didn't receive any offers to study medicine. Discussions with my family and a couple of teachers made me realise that Clearing was a potential option."

The emphasis on clinical skills and communication skills attracted Dhruv to St George's, University of London.

"The fact that everybody studies a healthcare-related degree here means that everybody is like-minded. I've really enjoyed my first year at St George's, and I'm definitely glad that I took my Clearing offer.

"For anyone entering Clearing, I'd say have a plan before results day, and stick to it.

"Have the contact details for universities written down somewhere, and have your personal information on hand, such as your individual UKCAT section scores, for example."