Sarah-Jane Lewis (SJ), Senior Lecturer in our Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, trained as a nurse at St George's in the 1980s. In this podcast, she speaks about her experience training and how practices have changed in the NHS since then. She describes her role as a nurse in the Territorial Army, including what it was like to serve twice in war zones in Iraq.


When asked what advice she would give to nursing students, SJ replied: "As a nurse, you are going to learn a lot. You are going to learn things about yourself you never thought you were capable of doing. You're going to meet amazing people. I've met veterans from Passchendaele, I've met rocket scientists, I've met a mum who not only had two kids but she'd also fostered nearly 40 other children. You are going to meet people who have hit the lowest point in their life. You're going to meet people who have been through life-changing events. You, as a nurse, make a difference to these people."

Listen to the podcast.

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