St George’s ranked in top universities global guide

Times Higher Education has placed St George, University of London among the top universities in the world for teaching clinical, pre-clinical and health in its latest subject rankings.

8 November 2017

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Survey reveals 150,000 preventable stillbirths and infant deaths each year

The first ever global study of Group B Streptococcus has revealed that more than 20 million pregnant women carry the bacteria and most of them are currently unidentified and untreated.

6 November 2017

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St George’s, University of London ranked third for producing most psychiatrists

St George’s has ranked joint third for creating psychiatrists in the country.

6 November 2017

St George's, University of London

Childhood obesity levels are highest among South Asians

Childhood obesity levels in UK are highest among South Asian children, according to new research that completely changes the current understanding of the link between ethnicity and weight status in young people.

1 November 2017

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Spooky discoveries in the archives of our historic medical school

A treasure trove of spooky artefacts has been discovered in the archives of St George’s, University of London - one of the oldest healthcare and medical schools in the UK.

30 October 2017

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