Student wins Wellcome Trust data prize for antimicrobial resistance program

A first-year PhD student at St George's is part of a team that has won a Wellcome Trust prize for data reuse.

Dr Gwen Knight, Quentin Leclerc, Nichola Naylor and Dr Alex Aitken

Dr Gwen Knight, Quentin Leclerc, Nichola Naylor and Dr Alex Aitken

Inside Science exhibition to showcase art from HMP Wandsworth


Since 2014, St George’s, University of London has collaborated with HM Prison Wandsworth on a science engagement programme in which Professor Julian Ma and other staff and students have visited the prison to give talks on topical scientific issues. Now the “Inside Science: A conversation between art and science” exhibition will feature the work produced by prisoners in creative response to those talks. All are welcome to the specially designed installation at St George’s where the art will be on display until 31st May 2019, before going on permanent display at HMP Wandsworth.

Wandsworth Art

Targeted deep brain stimulation reduced OCD symptoms, study shows

The debilitating behaviours and all-consuming thoughts which affect people with severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), could be significantly improved with targeted deep brain stimulation, according to the findings of a new study.

OCD is characterised by unwanted intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and repetitive stereotyped behaviours (compulsions- sometimes called rituals) and often means everyday activities become impossible for those with the condition. This repetitive and compulsive behaviour is commonly associated with either depressed mood or impairment in cognitive flexibility – an inability to flexibly adapt to changing situations.


Spotlight on Science talk on 16 April: Air Pollution: past, present and future

Tuesday 16 April 2019 6pm-7.30pm St George's, University of London Hunter Wing, rooms H2.6/8

The impact of air pollution on health is a concern for all those living in towns and cities throughout the world.

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Congratulations to our new graduates

On 14 March over 1,900 students from St George's, University of London and Kingston University crossed the stage at South Bank's Royal Festival Hall to graduate from their courses.

Students from the Departments of Paramedics, Radiography, Rehabilitation Services, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Care and Teacher Education took part, accompanied by family, friends and the academics that have taught them throughout their time with the University.

SGUL Graduation 2018