St George’s alumni are more than just great healthcare professionals, many have gone on to be successful contributors to the publishing world too.

A runaway goat – curing blindness in forgotten India
By Lucy Mathen (MBBS 1994)

About the book:
Lucy Mathen’s enjoyable account of her journey: from successful journalist, to doctor, to founder of Second Sight- the charity that cures the blind in India where no one else will.

Simon Barnes from The Times writes:

"Lucy’s story is at bottom very simple. She wants to do good. And she finds the idea of compromising that simple notion impossible to contemplate.”

“Lucy’s capacity to relish the absurd, even or especially when it she is the butt of the joke, is essential for any one who spends a long time in India.”

Every copy sold for £20 of Lucy Mathen’s book A Runaway Goat, means one more person will be cured of blindness. To get a copy call Lucy on 0207 359 1315.

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