St George’s, University of London has been training professionals to deliver healthcare for more than 250 years. To celebrate 70 years of the NHS, some of our students talk about their time at St George’s, their future plans, and why they want to work in the NHS.

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Fflur Ashton                                        

Fflur Ashton, Healthcare Science, year 2
“The National Health Service is an amazing system that I feel privileged to have in my country. It enables everyone to have access to healthcare and this I feel is a human right.

“The prospect of working for the NHS inspired me through my exams in high school and encourages me on a daily basis while I'm carrying out my course.

“Not only does it provide me with a stable and reliable job, it, more importantly, enables me to help people.

“I have a keen interest in science, and working in the NHS gives me exposure to viewing ground-breaking research.

“Before starting my course, I worked in a hospice and went to observe surgery. However, being on a 10-week placement in my first year and a 15-week placement in my second has exposed me to what it really is like working in the NHS.

“Developing my communication skills as part of my course has given me confidence. Being more confident was something I can proudly say I have achieved from the NHS already. Being part of the NHS is also a rewarding job that is highly respected in the community.

“I am proud to say I have access to the NHS and proud to soon be working for it.”

Andrew Meyerson

Andrew Meyerson, Medicine, year 4
“As an American medical student studying at St George's, I've now seen healthcare delivery on both sides of the Atlantic. The NHS is one of the fairest healthcare systems in the world.

“It is a testament to the values of the people of the United Kingdom that for 70 years, the NHS has cared for anyone who walks through your doors, be they pauper and prince, and it is such an incredible honour to be studying medicine here in this system.”

Lydia Strinati

Lydia Strinati, Physician Associate Studies (MSc), year 1
“I like to be able to feel as if I have made a difference to somebody's life, even if that is something as small as a warming smile at a time when they are feeling unwell. I like to think I could be there for someone when they just need to talk. I believe giving my time in my job will be very important.

“By working for the NHS I will feel a sense of pride for all the hard work that goes on to keep our healthcare system going and to support the people of our communities.

“I enjoy looking after other people and have always been interested in learning about the ever-advancing treatments in medicine.

“After graduating from Physician Associate Studies (MSc) at St George's, I hope to be working in care of the elderly. I strongly believe that the elderly have given so much to the world that we should be giving back to them when they need help!”