St George's graduates share their stories

The Class of 2015 joined the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals as they received their degrees at this year's graduation ceremony. The presentation took place at London’s Barbican Centre on 16 July, where more than 650 graduates were handed their certificates as they joined an international network of 13,500 alumni.

Ethics expert: "Call time on soft approach to Big Alcohol"

Dr Carwyn Hooper, Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Law at St George's, University of London, says: "Ten years ago the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) came into force. It was not the first international health treaty negotiated by the WHO, but in many ways it was the most remarkable. Achieving global consensus around any kind of public health treaty is quite a feat. So achieving a consensus when the main target of the treaty was, in effect, that most slippery and dangerous of customers – Big Tobacco – was close to miraculous.


The science behind craving

Have you ever tried to diet or give up a bad habit? Perhaps you've tried to stop smoking or simply wondered why we desire things that are bad for us. If so, some of the answers you've been craving are in this episode of the St George's, University of London podcast.


TB in Tooting

To mark World TB Day, Monday 24 March 2014 St George's, University of London has released a podcast discussing the epidemic, its impact on all of our lives and the efforts to fight it.