Dr Carwyn Hooper joined St George's in 2009. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Medical Ethics and Law.

He has the following qualifications: Dip. Phil. (Philosophy: Merit); BSc (Philosophy and Basic Medical Sciences: 1st Class Honours); MBBS (Medicine: Double Distinction); MA (Philosophy: Distinction); postgraduate certificate (Healthcare and Biomedical Education) and PhD (Law).


Dr Hooper primarily teaches medical ethics and law. He also teaches aspects of professionalism and global health.

Most of his undergraduate teaching is delivered to medical students, but he also teaches physiotherapy, radiography, biomedical science and healthcare science students.

Dr Hooper is responsible for assessing medical ethics and law – both in written and practical examinations – and plays a role in developing the medical ethics and law curriculum. In particular, he has developed the public and global health ethics aspects of the medical degree course.

Dr Hooper teaches medical ethics and law to most of the postgraduate students at St George's. Much of this teaching focuses on research ethics, but some of the sessions are more clinical in nature. Dr Hooper also supervises students completing the postgraduate certificate in Healthcare and Biomedical Education.

His organisational roles include Lead for Medical Ethics and Law (under the auspices of Professor Deborah Bowman), Joint Personal Tutor Lead for International Students Global Health Research Project Module Lead for Global Health, Global Health Diseases Module Co-organiser, and Global Health Ethics Module Organiser.

As a PhD student Dr Hooper taught philosophy at Kings College London. He has also taught medical ethics and law at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus and the University of Algarve in Portugal.


Recent publications

  1. Hooper C. Ethics Virtual Patients: a new pedagogical tool for educators? Journal of Medical Ethics 2014. doi: 10.1136/medethics-2012-101154.

  2. Sedgwick P and Hooper C. What are randomised consent designs? British Medical Journal 2014;349:g4727.

  3. Hooper C. Justice, luck and responsibility in healthcare: Philosophical background and ethical implications for end-of-life-care (Book Review). Nursing Ethics 2014;12(3):376.

  4. Sedgwick P and Hooper C. Placebo Controlled Trials. British Medical Journal 2014;347:f5819.

  5. Hooper C, Breathnach A, and Iqbal R. Is there a case for mandating influenza vaccination in healthcare workers? Anaesthesia 2014;69(2):95-100.

  6. Sedgwick P and Hooper C. Sham treatments. British Medical Journal 2013;347:f5819.

Key publications

  1. Hooper C and Spicer J. Liberty or death; don’t tread on me. Journal of Medical Ethics 2012; 38:338-341

  2. Hooper C. Ancillary care duties: the demands of justice. Journal of Medical Ethics 2010;36:708-711.

  3. Hooper C. Adding insult to injury – the healthcare brain drain. Journal of Medical Ethics 2008;34:684-687.


Dr Hooper works closely with a number of researchers based in the St George's Infection and Immunity Research Institute. In particular, he collaborated with Professor Sanjeev Krishna and his research team on the NanoMal project. Dr Hooper has also collaborated with Prof Terry Poulton and his e-learning team on a number of e-learning projects.

Scholarship activities

Dr Hooper is the Secretary (and one of the trustees) of the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME). He is also the Chair of the IME Research Committee and a member of the IME Education Committee.

Dr Hooper is also a member of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics Research Department, a member of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics International Forum of Teachers, a member of the International Association of Bioethics, a member of the St George’s Public Engagement Action Group and ex officio member of the St George’s Clinical Ethics Committee. 

He is a facilitator for the Society of Apothecaries Fellowship in Philosophy as Applied to Medicine, an examiner for the Diploma in the Philosophy of Medicine of the Society of Apothecaries and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Dr Hooper has been an independent referee for the Wellcome Trust (for applications for Research Fellowships) and has peer-reviewed papers for the following journals: Addiction, Global Health, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Journal of Medical Ethics, Saudi Medical Journal and the British Medical Bulletin.

Dr Hooper is also a regular columnist and blogger for The Conversation.


Dr Hooper’s primary research interests are in global health ethics and public health ethics. His PhD focused on ‘personal responsibility for health’ – a concept that he analysed from a medical, philosophical and policy perspective.

In addition to completing further analytical research on responsibility for health, Dr Hooper has recently published work on the ethics of health care worker migration, the ethics of the global regulation of tobacco, the ethics of protective helmet legislation and the ethics of global health research.

Dr Hooper has also been involved in e-learning and e-ethics research projects. In particular, he was the subject matter expert on the JISC-funded G4.5 Ethics Virtual Patient project – which also involved experts from the University of Sheffield, the University of Leeds and Newcastle University.

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