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What technology and/or devices do I need in order to participate in learning?

To get the most from your studies, you will need your personal computer or laptop (Windows 10 or Mac OS), and an internet connection in your home (should you be required to access some of your learning from home). If you are looking to purchase a new laptop, we have detailed the student laptop requirements here.

All St George’s students have the ability to use Office 365 as part of our institutional license, and to access St George’s software via AppsAnywhere. In addition, we offer Office for Mac via office365, but only the following applications are available for Mac: Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote. Web-based Office applications are available on Mac.

To ensure that you are prepared for this and that you have the available resource and support, we have created a dedicated support area for students on where you can learn more and view instructions on how to access these technologies, please visit here for details.

Additionally, a large proportion of students already have access to St George’s Tablets via a loan option. This is particularly useful for engaging with many aspects of your learning e.g., participating in placement-related assessments, accessing Canvas and other learning resources, and watching learning videos, etc.

How can I access support/funding for a laptop/tablet?

We understand that it will not be possible for all students to meet our laptop requirements and so will be loaning laptops to the following priority groups:

  • Students who are eligible to receive a grant from the St George’s Opportunity Fund
  • Students who are eligible to receive a grant from the Access to Learning Fund
  • Students who are registered disabled, care leavers and/or have caring responsibilities
  • International students who may have difficulty sourcing an appropriate device on arrival in the UK

Students who meet the criteria above should email to discuss obtaining a loan laptop.

If you do not fit into one of these groups but think you will struggle to meet this requirement, please email to discuss potential support options available. 

Is there a quiet space to engage with online learning while on-campus?

It is possible that you may have an online learning activity while on-campus. Should you have a need to find a quiet place where you can comfortably access your online learning activity e.g. a live online lecture, online group work, etc. please make use of the following spaces:

o    The main computer room on level 1 (Hunter Wing, adjacent to the library)

o    H1.4 – Hunter Wing, first floor (no more than 5 people can be in this room at any one time)

o    H1.5 – Hunter Wing, first floor (no more than 5 people can be in this room at any one time)

o    H1.6 – Hunter Wing, first floor (no more than 5 people can be in this room at any one time)

o    H1.7 – Hunter Wing, first floor (no more than 5 people can be in this room at any one time)

When in any of these rooms, please ensure that you are using your headset/headphones and be considerate to others by keeping the volume of your voice low when studying in the main computer room.

How do I access LockDown Browser for my remote exam?

A preparatory module has been developed on Canvas to allow you to try the LockDown Browser environment before your exam. The module is called Online Exams at St George's, University of London and can be accessed here.

If you have not already done so, please self-enrol onto the module as soon as possible to engage with the content. The module will provide you with the necessary information and support to prepare for your exams. It includes frequently asked questions, key contacts and how to prevent and resolve internet connectivity issues. It also provides the download link for St George’s version of LockDown Browser and an opportunity for you to take a short practice quiz using the browser.

Once you have completed the exams preparation module in Canvas, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and/or provide feedback, particularly around functionality and any issues that you have encountered, in the discussion forum within the module. 

What support is available for me to undertake my exam remotely?

You are expected to have access to a laptop, a consistent internet connection and a quiet space, in order to undertake an exam remotely.

To maintain an inclusive and equitable approach that recognises, for example, challenging domestic circumstances and poor home internet connections, students can apply to take their exam on-campus using a networked computer or laptop with WIFI connectivity.  

You can do this by contacting ideally two weeks before your exam (or as soon as possible) if you think you will have difficulties meeting any of these expectations (access to a laptop, a consistent internet connection and a quiet space) and require assistance.  

It is very important that you complete the preparatory module to ensure LockDown browser works on your device. You may not be able to undertake these exams on a Chromebook or Tablet. Therefore, if you do not have a laptop to use, please ensure that you let us know by emailing

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