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At St George’s, we use a variety of surveys to capture the students’ views on multiple aspects of their programme/ course experience. Here are some of them.

Student Online Teaching Survey

The survey comprises 10 questions about a module’s content and delivery and its assessment. Students can also comment on the effectiveness of individual lecturers. The survey is delivered at the end of a module or period of study. The results are presented a module report with Likert scale responses and free text. Module leaders reflect on the module reports and feedback to students any actions taken.

Student Experience Survey

This survey mirrors the National Student Survey questions in number and type. It is completed by all students not in the final year of their programme. The survey is delivered in October.

Short surveys

Commuter, wellbeing, learning resources and estates short surveys are delivered throughout the academic year.

National Student Survey (Office for Students)

Delivered between February and April, the survey gathers students’ opinions on the quality of their courses, which helps to:

  • inform prospective students’ choices

  • provide data that supports institutions in improving the student experience

  • support public accountability.

Final year students are eligible to take the survey.

See the NSS core questionnaire (PDF) or go to Unistats to see results from the survey by course.


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