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Student-staff liaison groups (SSLGs) are scheduled in November through to January. All St George’s programmes are asked to convene SSLGs. The purpose of these meetings is to find meaning from the results of the student voice surveys. Student from all cohorts on a programme are invited to attend. Staff facilitate discussion and probe where necessary but do not respond to the issues raised.

What happens at the meeting?

  • Students are asked to comment on the responses to given in the surveys.

  • Students are asked to confirm their understanding of the rationale/circumstances behind the responses.

  • Students are asked to suggest actions to be taken to address perceived deficiencies or to further develop interventions that are already in place.

  • Students are finally asked to prioritise actions for the immediate, short term and long term.

Action planning

All programmes complete the standardised template to record discussions, agreed priorities and actions, ownership of actions, timelines, and measures of success and areas of good practice for wider dissemination. The template is a dynamic document and can be updated with progress on actions on a regular basis. Actions pertaining to directorates such as Estates will be passed on to help inform their wider action planning.

Action plan monitoring

Programme and directorate action plans are reviewed on a regular basis by the student experience action group.


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