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Student development and success exists to enable students to recognise and address the particular demands of university level study and to ensure St George’s courses and activities maximise learning opportunities.

We work with students and staff to develop learning in three connected areas:

Knowing how to study

  • Working with students to develop a range of effective approaches to university level study.

  • Working with staff and students to build these approaches into teaching.

Knowing yourself

  • Working with students to identify what makes successful learners at university level.

  • Working with staff and students to embed reflective personal development in courses.

Knowing how university works

  • Working with students to develop engagement with university level expectations and enable them to contribute to the St George’s community.

  • Working with staff and students to make the demands of university transparent.

How to access student development and success

  • Online – with Study+ resources to support independent study.

  • Face-to-face – at the Academic Success Centre to discuss your learning.

  • In class – built into your course.

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