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Welcome to the online celebrations for MBBS 2020 graduates. St George's is extremely proud to congratulate you on your achievements and wishes you all the best for the future.  

We hope that you enjoy the celebratory video which will feature an introduction from Professor Jane Saffell, Deputy Principal (Education) followed by messages from Principal Professor Jenny Higham, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, the President of the Student Union, the Course Director, other members of staff and Dr Leanne Armitage.

The celebrations were streamed on Tuesday 25 June at 2pm and included a reading of the St George's Pledge.

Recording your Pledge

After the event, we invited you to record your Pledge and share messages with other graduates and St George's staff on Flipgrid. Friends and family can view the uploaded videos here. The full Pledge can be found here.

Messages of congratulations

View messages from the MBBS team.

Alumni and colleagues have reached out to share their pride and well-wishes. You can read some of these messages below.

“Top effort everyone – you are all legends and should be immensely proud to be graduating after all your hard work. We are gutted you won’t be able to graduate in the usual fashion – although, donning your gowns and silly hats, and celebrating with friends and family will feel even more special when it does happen. We have no doubt you will all go and make a significant difference to your local communities, using the scientific knowledge and practical skills you have been honing during your time at SGUL. Be kind, think big and have fun”. 

Matt Owen, Physiotherapy Class of 2012 and Clara Vella, MBBS Class of 2013  

“Many congratulations to you all for achieving this pinnacle. I appreciate it must be difficult not being able to celebrate directly with friends via the Summer Ball and Graduation Ceremony but this will make you better doctors in these uncertain times. You will develop better in terms of empathy, compassion and insight to the various psycho-socioeconomic issues in patients as well as dealing with the medical issues so you will mature fast in these uncertain times to be our future leaders and indeed, treat me for my ailments when needed!” 

Dushyant Mital, MBBS Class of 1993 

“Some advice for new graduates would be: aim for what you want to do and work towards the appropriate exams, and enjoy some life outside your healthcare field as much as possible. Decide where you interest lies and it will all fall into place”.  

Michael Walmsley, MBBS Class of 1963 

"Congratulations to you all on graduating from St George’s. I am sure that you hold a sense of pride and satisfaction that your passion for your chosen course of study has come to fruition, from the range of programmes that the college offers.  
“What we currently face is indiscriminate and greater than all of us. It is natural for doubt to take hold. Therefore, I encourage you all to take this time to seek out your support networks in the most holistic way possible, be it academically, professionally and also socially and personally. 
“In time, I hope you too manage to realise many of your life goals and in a decade or so look back and reflect fondly; with hopefully some exciting adventures under your belt and interesting, moving and life-affirming stories to share!”



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