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Upcoming workshops

Anxiety in a time of Covid (Fully booked)

This workshop is fully booked. To go on the waiting list, email

Wednesday 4 November 2-3.30pm

Anxiety is a normal part of our everyday experience. But it can become constricting and there may be times we may feel trapped by it. Uncertainty often increases anxiety, and the pandemic has made life very uncertain for many of us. This workshop will look at some practical ways of navigating uncertainty and anxiety, and supporting ourselves during this time.

Stress Less (Fully booked)

This workshop is fully booked. To go on the waiting list, email

Wednesday 11 November 2-3.30pm

Stress seems to be a part of all our lives, but how can we manage both acute stress in the moment, as well as mitigating the effects of ongoing, chronic stress? This workshop will explore both, as well as looking more closely at what stress actually is.

Living life in the time of Covid-19

This workshop has been rescheduled to 3rd December 12.30pm to 2pm.

COVID-19 has impacted our lives with uncertainty. Some of this impact is obvious. Some of this impact is less obvious. It is a situation that continues to unfold. This workshop is a facilitated discussion of the challenges- and opportunities we may face living in a global pandemic.

Relationships in the time of COVID

Monday November 30 11am-12pm

Having friendships and intimate relationships are all central to our mental health. The current climate seems to be affecting the way we go about relationships. This workshop is a space to explore the impact of Covid on the way we make friends and maintain/nourish existing relationships, what works for us and how we get our needs met.

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