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St George’s strives for a rich, diverse and engaged academic and non-academic campus community for all students. The student engagement strategy will play a key role in delivering a suite of initiatives aimed at enriching the experience across all spheres of student life.

Student engagement is coordinated by the Student Engagement Officer. The purpose of this role is to provide guidance and support to St George’s students as they collaboratively contribute to St George’s development and growth.

Students from all programmes are central to this timely project, assessing current provision, analysing future possibilities and creating interventions that improve learning and student wellbeing. The Student Engagement Officer supports students in these endeavours by organising and reporting on consultations; facilitating co-creation events and offering guidance and expertise in order to help student ideas and proposals come to fruition.

Areas of student engagement

  • working with academic and non-academic departments in order to support the production of action plans for all programmes and across institution

  • involvement with the teaching excellence framework (TEF) submission

  • contribution to student experience action group (SEAG)

  • making use of the rapid response system for students and staff to report issues that negatively affect the university experience for students

  • involvement with communication initiatives and consultation processes to ensure that student voice plays a central role in strategic and operational decisions

  • involvement with events and campaigns that engage all stakeholders in the process of collaborative initiatives to enhance the student experience

  • contributing to the development and delivery of projects and opportunities that enhance teaching, learning and student engagement

  • liaison and contribution to the Students' Union (SU) activities, including the SU Senate via course representatives.


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