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The purpose of the student experience action group (SEAG) is to oversee the student experience at St George’s, University of London. It is a key advisory, monitoring and action planning group that reports into education and students strategy committee to which it is accountable. Centre and faculty leads are accountable to the SEAG for completing agreed actions.

It is responsible for advising strategic direction, resourcing, reputational and policy matters related student experience institution-wide.  It coordinates and evaluates student experience interventions across all institutes, departments and faculties.

Overarching remit

  • In enacting the operational plan for education and students, SEAG will: oversee, enable, monitor and action plan to support the student experience from point of enquiry to alumni.

Specific functions and accountabilities

  • To hold centre and faculty leads accountable for completing agreed actions:

    • proactively engage and work with St George’s students’ union, the wider student body, and other key stakeholders in respect of enhancement of the student experience

    • provide regular reports for the education and students strategy committee and commissioned reports by other committees for review and approval.

  • Discuss and advise on policies, resource funding, processes and practices that enhance student experience along the whole student journey, and embed consideration of the student experience into all decision-making.

  • Embed a culture of student-staff partnerships in the domains of quality, research and pedagogy via appropriate interventions.

  • Advise on the development and institutional response to key measures of the student experience (including NSS, PTES, PRES, internal surveys, eg SES and SSLG) to ultimately effect improvement and enhancement across the university.

  • Monitor actions from NSS, PTES, PRES, internal surveys, such as SES and SSLG via an action tracker.

  • Develop and deliver effective communication strategies for the dissemination of student experience interventions.

  • Systematically pass on positive feedback and ‘good news’ stories to external relations and student recruitment.


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