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George’s Award is an initiative where students can showcase the skills they’ve developed in academic and extracurricular activities by building an online portfolio, known as ‘Showcase’. Staff can support their students by increasing awareness about the Award among students and colleagues and encouraging students to actively reflect on their skills development by highlighting how specific academic training and non-academic activities can be included in one’s portfolio.


Where will your skills take you?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Show your additional skills beyond your degree? Demonstrate that you are career ready? 

Whatever you do after you finish your degree, our goal is to help you build long-term transferable skills that will benefit you throughout your whole career. Take part in the St George’s Skills and Recognition Award and prepare a record of reflections to support your continuing professional development before you graduate.

During your time at St George’s, you will not only develop your skills in your course-related activities but you will also be taking part in lots of extra-curricular activities. That might be on campus, in your own community or perhaps you have a part-time job.

George’s Award offers you the opportunity to reflect and illustrate your experience through 11 Skills Badges associated to 11 essential transferrable skills.

To be awarded you need to:

  • Collect 7 Skills Badges for George’s Skills and Recognition Award OR collect all 11 Skills Badges for George’s Skills Master Award


  • Have a meeting with a Careers Consultant to discuss your skills and showcase at any point during your process of collecting Skills Badges (you can contact the Careers Consultants by booking  an appointment via Canvas or via email). 

To collect Skills Badges you need to:

  1. Enrol to George’s Award on Canvas.
  2. Choose the skills you find most relevant to illustrate from among the Skills Badges.
  3. For each Skills Badge, fill in a STAR reflection form (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to show how you built the skill and …
  4. … demonstrate each skill by uploading materials that illustrate your experience (photos, videos, text etc).
  5. Once you are satisfied with the content and format of your STAR form and materials, you can ‘publish’ these as a showcase on the Award platform.
  6. Once the showcase is published, you can receive the Skill Badge.

Why you should take part

 You make the most of experience you’d already gained by reflecting and illustrating what you’ve learnt.

 You get the opportunity to think critically about your skills and about your career by using the Award platform and discussing with a Careers Consultant.

 You create an online portfolio of your work and achievements that you can easily share on social media to enhance your career prospects.


Make the most of your experience and start collecting your Skills Badges now by enrolling to George's Skills and Recognition Award.


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