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St George’s Physiotherapy alumna, Preet Chandi, is a British Army Physiotherapist. She made history in January 2022 by being the first woman of colour to trek across Antarctica. Preet skied the 700-mile journey in 40 days, seven hours and three minutes – making her the third fastest woman to reach the South Pole unassisted.  

Preet joined the St George’s Physiotherapy programme in 2009 following time in the Czech Republic, where she attended a tennis school. She had taken some time out of Education while she played tennis, and later joined the Army as a Reservist, before applying for a place at St George’s. 

During her time at St George’s, Preet juggled her studies with training as an Army Reservist in the Midlands, as well as working as a Student Ambassador and acting as an Ambassador for the Chartered society of Physiotherapists. After graduating, Preet went on to work as a Physiotherapist within the NHS while continuing her training in the Reserve Forces.  Preet has taken part in a number of physically and psychologically demanding challenges, including the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara (known as one of the most challenging ultramarathons around) and a 27-day expedition on the ice cap in Greenland.  

Speaking about her wish to inspire young people and women, particularly from minority-ethnic backgrounds, she shares: "I’m proud to be able to inspire my ten-year-old niece through my journeys and expeditions and show her that there’s no limit to what she can do. My aim has always been to inspire as many people as I can.” 

Her journey across Antarctica was the first of two phases. She intends to raise sponsorship to complete the final few miles to cross the continent. Preet is also in the process of setting up a grant to help fund more women to complete expeditions and challenges.  

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