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Alumni notices

Library reopens to alumni

As part of a phased return to site, the St George’s library is now open to alumni. Alumni must arrive during opening hours with their library card if already registered (or alumni card) in order to gain access. 

If alumni are looking to join the library, they will need to complete the online form. When completing the form, please ensure you add the barcode number from your Alumni card to the field marked ‘ID badge number’. Please ensure that you allow 24 hours for staff to create a library record after you have submitted the form (and longer if submitting it on a Friday).

 Those who have an Alumni card in our old design (without a barcode) can still fill out the online form but will need to collect a plastic membership card from the Library Helpdesk once their record is created. They will be advised of when to do this via email.

MBBS Graduates applying to North American residency programs

If you are applying to Canada for residency starting 2021,  and if you have not been in touch to confirm that you are applying for Canadian residency, please do so as soon as possible and at the very latest before 30 October 2020. Staff will be preparing MSPR’s for your Canadian residency, for which we need at least four weeks per student since this involves going through student files, liaising with Registry and preparing the MSPR itself. Added to this, we have Christmas holidays and annual leave of staff to consider. Staff cannot therefore accept any requests for MSPR after the 30th of October 2020.

Please ensure you adhere to deadlines for uploading your MSPR and transcript as per what is mentioned on the CaRMS website 

Please note process for preparing and uploading MSPR and transcript below:

Students to get in touch with Arthi Ayakkad or via the International MBBS inbox by 30 October 2020 at the latest. 

Please note the following:

  • We will prepare the MSPR at our end with available placement feedback: feedback cannot be altered or changed in any form. We cannot accept paper based feedback. Placement feedback is available to us via MyProgress or via admin placement spreadsheets.
  • The student systems team will provide Arthi with an electronic copy of your transcript and Arthi will send the transcript to you once she has received it.
  • Once the MSPR and transcript is ready, Arthi will email it to you, after which you will need to upload it onto the portal
  • The team does not accept or upload Letters of Recommendation.

 Information required from you:

  1. A copy of your latest CV
  2. Not more than three noteworthy characteristics which you would like to include alongwith evidence for the same
  3. Full details of your undergraduate degree, if any, including year of graduating
  4. MCCEE exam results
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