We are extremely proud of our alumni and the important work you do after graduationg. Sharing you knowledge and expertise can have a huge impact, and giving something back can help you develop new skills and make new friends.

17 315 St Georges 183

Why volunteer with us?

  • Help develop the next generation of St George's students.
  • Develop your own professional skills such as communication, public speaking and leadership.
  • Expand your network by meeting other volunteers, alumni, St George's students and staff.
  • Opportunities to promote your work, career path, or business.
  • The feel good factor of helping others.

Why is alumni volunteering important?

Alumni volunteering provides our students with a unique opportunity to talk to someone who has been in their shoes and knows the challenges they face. Your advice and guidance can help our students to develop their employability skills, their insight in to the working world, and their own knowledge and understanding of how to be successful. As a St George's graduate, you are instantly relatable to them as they aspire to build the same successful careers and find out more about how they can use their degree after graduation. As an alumnus or alumna, you are an inspiring role model for our students with the ability to help them make the most of their university experience.

Last Updated: Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:11