Presenting work and research at conferences can be a fantastic, but expensive, opportunity for our students to advance their careers and publicise the crucial work being done at St George's.


The Conference Presentation Fund is part of our Alumni Annual Fund. Presenting work at academic and industry conferences helps our students to build their professional networks, raise the profile of their research and promote St George's within the Healthcare and Science sectors. It's a great opportunity for our students, but sometimes the costs can be prohibitive. Registration fees, travel costs, accommodation and printing can all add up to an investment of several hundred pounds. For a London based student, finding the funds can be a challenge.

The Conference Presentation Fund provides grants to students to ensure that no student is prevented from presenting their work due to financial constraints.

The fund is supported entirely by alumni donations, and wouldn't exist without the support of our generous alumni.




Last Updated: Friday, 25 May 2018 10:36