Christopher James Record

Lab work

"Throughout my time at school, I was always interested in science - particularly chemistry. Despite my mother being a radiologist, I had no interest in medicine, in part due to the fact that I was extremely squeamish! I didn't even study biology at A Level and went on to study chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford.

"However, after about 18 months when I was considering careers, it struck me that the options before me didn't seem to include anything with a 'human' element and I felt I had desire to combine my interest in science with something less clear cut, less 'right or wrong'. And thus medicine came to the fore. After a number of volunteer jobs and work experiences, I realised that studying medicine was the obvious choice for me.

"I wanted to study in London, and St George's seemed to combine a sense of history and tradition with a modern approach to teaching. As a graduate I wanted to immerse myself in medicine and I felt the problem-based learning system combined with early patient contact made a lot of sense.

"It is a great honour to be awarded the inaugural Professor Joe Collier Award. I have always enjoyed pharmacology, but it was of course a huge surprise to have come top in the prescribing exam. Hopefully this will stand me in good stead for my career and give me some confidence with my prescribing.

"Starting work invokes excitement and apprehension in equal measures. I am very much looking forward to starting work, but I know that the first year will be a very steep learning curve. But I have been a student for too long (eight years consecutively) and it is definitely time to enter the workforce!

"I think St George's is a fantastic university with many opportunities to take control of your own learning. I would encourage involvement in as many extra-curricular activities as possible. I played rugby for four full seasons for the first XV and it provided me with my fondest memories, some of my best friends and certainly a means of keeping sane - especially in the GEP first year!"

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