It is with sadness that we learned of the death of Professor Harold Lambert who was a senior academic at St George's and instrumental in establishing Infection as an academic speciality at the university.

calendar-icon 12 April 2017

He and his wife Joan were also the creative force behind the conversion of the square behind Hunter wing into a Water Garden for the use of patients and their families to escape the hospital environment.

Sadly, he died at home last Friday. We extend our warmest sympathies to Harold's wife Joan and their three children Jane, Helen and David.

Professor Lambert was an expert in infectious diseases, and specifically in Antibiotic therapy. For many years he was co-editor of the primary textbook on antibiotic therapy “Antibiotic and Chemotherapy”. He helped in the development of pyrazinamide as a treatment for tuberculosis and also did some of the earliest research into mescaline.

He retired from clinical practice in 1989 but as Emeritus Professor was a continued encouraging presence at seminars, lectures and Jenner Research Days over the ensuing twenty years.

Derek Macallan, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Medicine, remembered him fondly, saying: "He was a great Physician, a true gentleman and a generous spirit."

There is a interview in the Web of Stories series where he discusses his role and legacy.