Neomi Bennett who graduated in Adult Nursing at the Faculty of Health Social Care and Education in 2011 has more than one string to her bow.


As well as being a passionate and dedicated  nurse (and mother of three) she is also a true entrepreneur, developing her business, Neo Innovations Lltd. Neomi is constantly looking to find simple solutions to health problems, “currently, there are many products that are just too complicated and over-engineered and problems that can be solved simply and cost-effectively for hospitals and patients”.

Every year 25,000 people die every year of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) because the anti-embolism stocking is too difficult to wear for many people. Neomi has invented the  Neo-Slip which is used as a compression stocking aid to increase patient compliance and make applying the embolism stockings as easy as pulling up your socks! 

Neomi entered the 'Dragons Den' (which aired on the BBC in March 2015) with her invention and is currently in discussions with NHS England hoping for uptake of Neo-slip on prescription. She has always been a problem-solver but nursing is where her heart is, “I love being a nurse and I love delivering patient care”. Whilst working on a new project that Neomi promises will “revolutionise an aspect of hospital care”, Neomi works at staff bank at St George’s where she is able to tell the nurses about DVT on the wards.

Networking with UKTI, Neomi has built-up connections in Brazil, Austria and Taiwan with distributors in USA/Canada and Austria. She  has already made global sales from the website. Attendance at Asia’s biggest inventors show in Taiwan, tea with David Cameron in Downing Street.. next stop…..the sky really is the limit as Neomi starts negotiations with the airlines!

You can find out more about Neo-Slip at and read an interview with Neomi here